Our Services

Welcome to Alliston Chiropractic Wellness Centre!

At Alliston Chiropractic Wellness Centre, our goal is to listen to your priorities and help you reach the level of health you desire. Alliston chiropractor, Dr. Kent Newton is ready to create a customized program of care that fits you. You’re in the right place to get the results you want! Our dedicated, caring team is ready to work hard to find the solutions that fit you. At our office, we offer:

Your Family Health Advocate

We love to see entire families visit us for a group appointment. Many children enjoy the benefits of receiving chiropractic care early, in supporting both their physical and mental health. We’ll spend all the time necessary to address your family’s needs. You might be surprised by the many conditions chiropractic can help!

Live Your Best Life

Our bodies truly are a wonderful gift that we are only given once. To live life to the fullest, we must treat our bodies wisely, providing them with the nurturing care needed to work at their greatest ability. We approach your health from the inside out. Traditional health care treats a person from the outside in with prescriptions and other medical procedures. We’ll help you regain health naturally and keep you well for a lifetime!

Let us create a personalized plan for you to reach optimal health. Call our office today to schedule your time!

Alliston Chiropractic Wellness Centre | (705) 435-6371

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